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Recital 2019

"Once Upon a Time..."

Show starts at 2pm

***Tickets will be distributed at your dancer's last class before the recital***

Friday, June 14th: Dress Rehearsal at Sandler Center

*Mini Company dancers, dancers who take class at the studio but are not in Company, and preschool dancers are to arrive with their costumes, tights, and shoes with their hair in a bun but no makeup at 5:00pm (except Messiah Preschool dancers who should arrive by 11:00am and anyone else who has been specifically told by Keller to arrive at a different time).

*Junior, Intermediate, and Advanced Company dancers are to arrive with their costumes, tights, and shoes with their hair in a bun but no makeup at 1:00pm.

*Please have your dancer eat lunch before you arrive. Each dancer should also bring 1-2 bottles of water and a bagged dinner (no dinner needed if your dancer's call time is 5:00pm).

*Please make sure your dancer's name is on all shoes, costumes, tights, accessories, etc. 

*Your dancer should also bring a laundry basket or other type of storage for all their stuff. The basket should also be labeled with the dancer's name.

*The goal is to finish dress rehearsal by 9:00pm. (Please note that many of our preschool dancers and younger dancers will be released well before 9:00pm.  However, many of our dancers are in multiple numbers and hence will be at dress rehearsal later.)

*Only one parent may attend dress rehearsal. A parent badge will be given out on the last class before dress rehearsal.

*No photography or videography is allowed during dress rehearsal.  We will have a photographer at dress rehearsal to take pictures of the dancers in their costumes (except Junior, Intermediate, and Advanced Companies who will have their pictures taken on a different day).

*All costumes and personal items must go home Friday night. Note that the studio will also be closed on dress rehearsal day so make sure your dancer doesn't leave any items there that s/he will need at dress rehearsal.


Saturday, June 15th: Rehearsal at the studio from 9:00am-12:00pm

*Hair needs to be in a recital bun, but no makeup or costumes are necessary.

Sunday, June 16th: Recital at Sandler Center

*Dancers must check in by 12:00pm.

*Dancers must arrive in full makeup (except lipstick but send it with your dancer) and with hair in a recital bun.


*Please have your dancer eat lunch before you arrive and send your dancer with enough water and mess-free snacks for the day.

*Bring all costumes, accessories, tights, and shoes as well as some kind of storage basket.

If you have any questions, please message the PAA Facebook page at


Recital 2018

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